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Importance of water treatment in industrial production

秒速时时彩Water is the basis for human survival, the lifeblood of industrial production and operation, and one of the "three strategic resources" for China's economic security and social development. With the rapid development of industry and economy in China and the rapid growth of industrial water demand, the contradiction between supply and demand of existing water resources has become increasingly tense.

Water treatment chemicals, also known as water treatment chemicals, include a variety of chemicals used in water treatment process in industry, urban construction, environmental protection, etc. They are widely used in industrial water, and are an important fine chemical. In urban water use, industrial water accounts for about 80%, and cooling water accounts for a considerable proportion of industrial water in China (more than one third). Consequently, saving the consumption of cooling water is the key to water saving. At present and in the future, China's industrial water-saving work has attracted the attention of the government departments. In order to improve the recycling efficiency of industrial circulating cooling water, realize the reuse of wastewater after advanced treatment, reduce the pollution of water resources and achieve low and zero discharge, the chemicals of industrial circulating cooling water treatment will also face new market opportunities and challenges.

Although our country is short of water resources, it is a big industrial water consuming country. The total amount of industrial water consumption is increasing year by year, and the proportion of total water consumption in China is also increasing year by year. Circulating cooling water accounts for a considerable proportion of industrial water consumption, while the annual consumption of industrial circulating water in metallurgical, power generation, petroleum and chemical industries accounts for 50-80% of the total industrial water consumption.

秒速时时彩Therefore, reducing the direct current cooling water system, applying the circulating cooling water system, improving the circulating utilization efficiency of industrial water and the operation concentration multiple of the cooling water system are one of the important ways to save water, and are also the key links to solve the shortage of industrial water and reduce the discharge of water pollutants. However, with the increase of concentration multiple, the concentration of Ca2+, Mg2+, CO32-, HCO 3-in running water increases correspondingly, and the quality of circulating water deteriorates further, which easily leads to corrosion, scaling and mud breeding in circulating water system. The common method to prevent corrosion and scaling of circulating water system is to use water treatment agent.