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Activated carbon filter maintenance points

Activated carbon filter work is done through the charcoal bed.Activated carbon particles composed of carbon bed have many micropores and large specific surface area, with strong physical adsorption capacity.The water passes through the charcoal bed, and the organic pollutants in the water are effectively absorbed by the activated carbon.In addition, the amorphous part of the surface of activated carbon has some oxygen-containing tube groups, which enable organic pollutants in the water passing through the carbon bed to be effectively adsorbed by activated carbon.

The main factors that affect the adsorption effect and service life of activated carbon filter are: the type and concentration of pollutants, the residence time of airflow in filter material, air temperature and humidity.

The actual selection, according to the type of pollutants, concentration and treatment air volume and other conditions, determine the type of filter and activated carbon.

The upper and lower reaches of the activated carbon filter should have good dust removal filters, and the efficiency specification should not be lower than F7.The upstream filter prevents dust from blocking the activated carbon material;The downstream filter stops the carbon itself from dusting.

For our professional filter manufacturers, in addition to providing customers with * filter equipment, the general use and maintenance method is also need to provide one by one, so now and we look at the use of activated carbon filter equipment and maintenance method!

Ⅰ. application of activated carbon filter

1.turbidity into the water

Need to pay attention to in use, the equipment into the turbidity of water in the work can bring too many impurities, to filter the impurities are left in the filter layer, very briefly blocked the clearance between the filter and the surface, the adsorption effect of block equipment, in the long term it will also form the aging and failure of active carbon, so the activated carbon filter must put the water turbidity control below 5 mg/L.

2. Backwash cycle

The backwash cycle of this device is one of the factors directly related to the filtration effect. If the backwash cycle is too short, it is a waste of backwash water.However, if the backwashing cycle is too long, it will briefly affect the adsorption. Therefore, when the turbidity of the water is below 5mg/L, backwashing is usually done every 4 to 5 days.

3. Backwash strength

In the process of backwashing, the expansion rate of the filter layer also has a certain impact on whether the washing is complete.And if the expansion is too large is very brief run carbon phenomenon, so when we use the general control of its expansion rate in 40-50%.

4. Backwash time

When the expansion rate of the filter layer is 40-50% and the backwashing strength is 13-15, the backwashing time is generally controlled at 8-10min.

Ⅱ. Maintenance of activated carbon filter

1. If it is operated under normal conditions, * keep back washing once a day, and the specific rule shall be determined according to the water quality of raw water;

2. It is necessary to check the condition of the pipe every day when using it. Is there any leakage?Is the pressure normal?

3. Generally speaking, it is recommended to replace the activated carbon filter material in the equipment every 8-12 months.

Above is a brief introduction for you on the use of activated carbon filter equipment and maintenance of these two aspects of knowledge, so must pay attention to.