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Coalesce and separate the filter element

Description:Coalescence separation filter element is used in oil-water separatio...


Coalescence separation filter element is used in oil-water separation system, which mainly separates oil-water mixture, suspension solution, emulsion solution, etc. The application process of coalescence separation filter element in the system is divided into:

Solid - liquid separation - demulsification - coalescence - separation - adsorption.In the system, the larger the ratio of coalescing filter elements and separating filter elements, the better the coalescing effect and the faster the separation speed.At present, there are two kinds of water treatment filter elements have been standardized production.

The coalescing filter element has the dual function of filtering impurities and coalescing moisture from aviation kerosene and is an important functional element of fine filter.

It can meet the requirements of various fine filters used in fixed mobile refueling facilities.

1. Multi-layer composite structure filter paper is used for high filtering accuracy;

2, carefully set and special treatment of glass fiber layer, cohesion effect is good.

3, high flow density, reduce the size of fine filter;

4. Large pollution capacity and long service life;

5. Complete specifications and varieties can meet the needs of various fine filters.

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