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Candle Filter

Description:For new type pulse inverse blow candle filter filter, with airtight ...


For new type pulse inverse blow candle filter filter, with airtight operation, big filter area, carrying capacity is high, easy to impulse type blow filter cake, high degree of automation, outstanding characteristic. Filter can direct filtration, precoat filters, slurry concentration, filter cake, cake washing five big effect, is widely used in high content of impurities, viscous liquid, special working condition of filter, such as ultra-high precision.

Technical characteristics

Complete airtight filtration, no leakage, no environmental pollution;

The filter element structure adopts compound structure with large flow;

Pulsed gas back blowing is adopted to discharge slag and filter cake is easy to fall off. It is suitable for viscous materials.

The running process can be fully automated.

Filter area

5.0 ㎡

10 ㎡

15 ㎡

20 ㎡

25 ㎡

30 ㎡

40 ㎡

The equipment material

SS304, SS316L, carbon steel

Design pressure

0.6 MPa

Sealing ring material

Silicone rubber, epdm, fluorine rubber, ptfe - coated fluorine rubber

(1) heat preservation jacket can be used to maintain or increase the temperature of liquid, prevent liquid solidification, and meet the temperature requirements of the production line;

(2) can be two or more filters in parallel, modular combination to achieve higher flow or continuous production.

Application field

Petrochemical industry: amine solution, catalyst recovery, sulfuric acid, polyol, titanium dioxide, PTA particles, polyglycol, potassium carbonate, epoxy resin;

Pharmaceutical: fermentation extract, antibiotics, antibiotics, streptomycin, citric acid;

Li food and beverage: apple juice, grape juice, raw syrup, fructose syrup, glucose syrup, sucrose, beer, olive oil, palm oil, soybean oil, corn oil, gelatin;

Wastewater treatment: electronic wastewater treatment, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, chemical wastewater treatment.

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