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Description:Coalescence separation filter is mainly designed for liquid-liquid s...


Coalescence separation filter is mainly designed for liquid-liquid separation. It contains two kinds of filter elements, namely, coalescence filter element and separation filter element.For example, in the oil product water removal system, after the oil product flows into the coalescence separation filter, it first flows through the coalescence filter core, which filters out solid impurities and aggregates very small drops of water into larger droplets.Most of the water droplets after coalescing can be separated from the oil by their own weight and settled into the collecting tank.The oil then flows through the separation filter element, because the separation filter element has good oil hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity, thus further separating water, and finally, clean, water-free oil products flow out of the coalescing separation filter.

The working principle of

Oil from coalescence separation filter inlet flow into the tray, and then tap within the primary filter and filtered, demulsification, grew up water molecules, the coalescence process, impurities trapped in the primary filter, sedimentation in the sedimentation tank, the water drops coalescence oil from entering the secondary filter inside extroversion, collected in the secondary tray, exported from coalescence separation filter.The material of the secondary filter element is hydrophobic, and the oil can pass through smoothly. The free water is blocked out of the filter element and flows into the sedimentation tank to be discharged through the discharge valve

And out the other.

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